Creative Realism.

Goal-oriented insanity.

The Gurkenrepublik is a development agency focusing on concept, strategy and consulting. We combine creation, innovation and unique development. (We always do it this way, but the way always looks different).

We are united by the claim to define new standards for excellent work. As a union of creatives and consultants with strategic partners in the fields of design, art, guerrilla, film and media, we have more than 150 years of experience. We used that; not served.


Our approach: Art, culture and social issues are our passions. And everyone knows that these areas go through everything. Above all, they are behind the success of brands, companies, sponsoring and institutions. In a nutshell - we start and end with humans. Because people are always at the center. At least in 96% of all cases.

We don’t just follow the Zeitgeist. The usual bog-standard is not what we’re looking for, nor what we want to be. Our workflow can be classic or more guerilla-style at times, depending on the situation and potential. We will always discuss passionately with our customers – as well as for them –, argue constructively and, if necessary, step into the ring with all that we have. Our work goes beyond the ordinary because we think differently. With one exception: when it comes to success orientation, we are ultraconservative.

Gurkenrepublik is not only our name, it’s also our philosophy. While the banana republics of this world get their bad reputation from shady relations and agreements, which tend to provoke outcries and spectacular results, the Cucumber Republic complies with European standards. And who says that cucumbers and bananas are not compatible? We think they are and we combine the best of both worlds: Without relationships, contacts and networks there can be no innovation, no cross entries or bold ideas, which are needed to set creative accents and to make this thoroughly regulated world taste so much better.